Thursday, August 17, 2017

Good Tidings has been around awhile.  Women have contacted us, met with one another via old pen and ink letters (remember them, pre-internet days), via telephone, via the internet after it arrived with its online groups for posts and chat, and in person when fear didn't prevent them.  They sometimes brought their children.  Over the years since 1983 the women have aged, and the children of priests have grown up--at least those from the early years.

Today, I am delighted that Vincent Doyle in Galway Ireland has gone public not only with his own personal story, but has begun a group specifically for the CHILDREN OF PRIESTS around the world.  Vincent pulled this together over a few years online, particularly on Facebook.  He's put countless hours into networking and supporting other children of priests through the group he calls COPING.

I cannot applaud him enough, and the many who have supported him and this effort.  It is not easy for children of priests to go public with their personal stories of being neglected or ignored by their priest fathers, while watching their mothers struggle for years to be both mother and father.   These are the children to whom we always referred as the Holy Innocents.  Indeed they are!  Today these kids, and ADULT CHILDREN have found their voice--an answer to years of prayer.

I encourage children of Roman Catholic priests to contact COPINGINTERNATIONAL.COM and add your names and stories to the public forum, and do your part to change the Church and help other children of priests.

Peace to you!

Cait Finnegan